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For reliable TLB and Plant Hire Equipment in Nelspruit

Fast Pulse is one of the preferred plant hire companies in Nelspruit trusted by some of the biggest construction companies in the area. We have a wide range of reliable plant hire equipment including excavators, Cat 140 Graders, Rollers, both 5000 litre and 8000 litre water carts, tippers and TLB’s. All round excellence in machinery is non-negotiable when you are on the job, and our plant hire machinery is the best equipment you could hire.

Although we are based in Rocky Drift, our services are focused on the Lowveld. We hire our plant machinery to towns in the area including Nelspruit, Malelane, Barberton and White River.

Our equipment is suitable for a carrying out a number of different tasks, including road works and major construction projects. When hiring our machinery you will enjoy the added benefit of having the services of an experienced operator as well. Our plant hire equipment requires professional, knowledgeable operators. We have the team ready and waiting to assist you.

Why choose our plant hire in Nelspruit?

When you choose to work with Fast Pulse, your project is going to benefit in a number of ways. We want to help you successfully complete any project requiring our earth moving and plant hire machinery. And we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that your projects are completed successfully, and on time.

You should hire our plant machinery because:

  • We always ensure that our machinery is up to date by carrying out timely quality control. Vigorous, continuous testing of equipment means any faults, no matter how small, will be picked up and corrected before they become a problem.

  • Our team is hardworking and dedicated to every project. You will have our full attention and access to all of our expertise when you have our plant hire equipment.

  • Each piece of our plant hire equipment is compliant with the industry standards. This ensures that the machinery is up to scratch and completely safe.

Plant hire equipment nelspruit

Our services go beyond hiring plant machinery

When you request a quotation, our rates will include the following:

  • An operator for the plant hire machinery

  • Any maintenance and repairs needed onsite

  • Insurance to cover liabilities

The onsite operator for the machinery has the duty to provide maximum production throughout the project period and they take all of the necessary steps to take care of the equipment.

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