Plant machinery, and the option to hire them, has completely changed the construction industry for the better. With the option of hiring rather than the huge expense related to buying plant equipment, construction companies not only have more machinery options at their disposal, but they are also in the perfect position to save money.

Plant hire in Nelspruit and the surrounding areas is available from Fast Pulse. As a Mpumalanga based plant hire company, we have helped dozens of companies to achieve their construction goals without the worry about overextending their budgets and along with offering a reliable plant hire service, our years of experience and expertise in the industry means we are also in the perfect position to give our clients the very best advice. We’ve working with companies of all shapes and sizes and we have helped the companies who work with us to grow and expand their services at minimal costs.

One of the things we can help our clients with is deciding which machinery they should hire in order to get the most out of their machine and their project. These are some of our tips that you can use should you find yourself in the same position.

  1. Be safety conscious

Safety is a big concern and in some cases a big issue on any construction site. One wrong move and things can go horribly wrong, resulting in employees being hurt. Whenever you are hiring plant equipment make sure that you know when it was last serviced and when it was last given a full inspection. You should also consider requesting an inspection when hiring the equipment.

  1. Custom needs

Not all projects are the same and as such there might be those times when you have unique needs that will require certain customisation. When making your decision, ask if the hire will include any attachments, ask about the power capacity of the equipment, and find out if the machinery can be transported to where you need it or if you have to arrange your own transport. Also find out if any additional training is needed.

  1. Reliability and Breakdowns

All plant hire machinery has been used before. The older the equipment is, the more prone it is to reliability issues or breakdowns, both of which can be safety issues, costly and time consuming. Try to find out how old the machinery is and also find out if any services are offered by the plant hire company in the event of a breakdown.

  1. Availability

This question should actually be asked first. Find out if the machine that you need is actually available for hire and how long you will be able to hire the machinery for. You should also find out if the hire can be booked in advance or if last minute bookings, for emergency situations, is possible.

  1. Logistics

Delivery time and related logistics are important in the planning process as delays can really hamper your project and end up slowing things down. So find out when the machinery can be delivered and how much of a delay can be expected from the time that you hire the machine to the time that you can expect it on site.