If this is your first time hiring an excavator, you are probably wondering if you have clearly thought through all of your needs and are making the right decision. There are plenty of different types of excavators on the market, and whether you are hiring for a once off project, or if you are looking to invest in an excavator for the long term, this handy guide might just come in useful.

Hiring an excavator is a daunting task it is not something that you are familiar with. Along with having to figure out what is a fair price, you also need to familiarise yourself with the various excavator uses, attachments and basics.

Excavators are the perfect machines to use for demolishing things, moving things, digging things up or filling things in. With an operator at the helm, these machines will be a great asset on the construction site and when you hire a machine instead of buying one, you can easily save on costs as well.

Steps for Hiring an Excavator

If you follow this guide, you will find that you are in a better position when it comes to hiring the right excavator for your needs.

Step 1: Know your location

Your project location is the first consideration to make. The overall price of your hire as well as the type of excavator you settle on is going to depend on your location, as the location will be what determines your needs. The location will also determine fuel prices and delivery, so make sure that you add the project location to the quote and not your home or business address.

Step 2: Find your size

You get massive excavators and then you get the mini kind. When you are making your selection, you need to choose the right size so that you don’t end up with something too big or too small.

Step 3: Get an operator

Working an excavator is something  that requires some skill and experience. It is not like driving a car. Find out if you can hire an excavator with an operator or if you are going to have to make another plan.

Step 4: Have a date

When creating a quote you need to have a project date in mind, or else the company won’t be able to guarantee that they will have the machine available.

Step 5: Include those extra details

Anything extra that you feel might be necessary or helpful should be included in your quote. Getting into the specifics will help to guarantee that you get the machinery that is best suited for your needs.

At Fast Pulse Plant Hire, we have a wide range of plant hire machinery available for those who need it, whether they are in the construction industry or in another position that requires such a machine. We help all sorts of people find the right machine for their unique needs. For a custom quote, you can contact us today.