Think you need a water truck but you are not quite sure if it is the kind of equipment that is going to suit your needs? In our latest blog, we break down all the wonderful uses of these versatile machines.

There are many benefits of hiring a water truck.  In times of drought its best not to wait until you have completely run out of water before hiring a water truck as this could lead to down time of your project which results in a loss of income.  Water trucks can help farmers throughout the year, as using a water truck helps you keep track of exactly how much water you are using at all times.

On mine sites and construction sites there is often a lot of dust.  A water tank truck is ideal for managing dust by spraying the ground to suppress the dust that is kicked up by earthmoving equipment.

To create a flat surface for building roads, tank trucks are ideal in the use of compacting soil. The control mechanisms instilled in the trucks ensures that just the right amount of water is added for a strong compaction.

Residential properties can makes use of a water tank truck to fill swimming pools.  In times of drought, water tank trucks can be used to transport water to residential areas.  Water tank trucks can also be used in disasters areas where water is needed.

water truck

Water Tank Truck Features and Safety

A water tank truck comprises of a rig in the front for the driver. In the rig you will also find all the controls for the disbursement of the water.  The tank at the back varies in size depending on the amount of water it can hold.  On either the side of rear of the tank truck you will find the nozzles for pumping the water out.

The actual water tank on the back of the truck is ellipse or cylindrical.  Water tank trucks are designed this way for several reasons.  Cylindrical design means there are no weak spots in the tank.  Spherical may hold more water but are not practical in the transport of water.  Water is very unstable to transport, and so you need to ensure that the center of gravity is as close to the ground as possible.  Using an ellipse shaped water tank truck is the best option.  When transporting water, as the truck accelerates, slows down or turns a corner, the water sloshes around in the tank.  Known as a “surge”, this can easily unbalance your tank truck and end up in a nasty accident.  Ellipse shaped truck experience significantly less of the surge effect.  Lastly and importantly, an ellipse shape is far easier to clean on the inside as it has no nasty corner bits.

Safety is key when using water tank trucks, so ensure that the ground area around the truck does not get over saturated with water.  To avoid this, turn individual sprays on and program output intervals.

To make the transport of water safe, do not fill round water tank trucks completely as this will make them unstable when travelling.  To keep your trucks center of gravity as stable as possible, adjust your speed carefully, changes lanes smoothly and slow down sufficiently before going into a corner.

To make sure the vacuum brakes have sufficient air pressure, warm the water tank truck up well before use.

For more information about our water trucks and why it is that you could need one for whatever it is you are doing,  you can contact Fast Pulse. We have the experience and the machines to get you on track to achieve your goal.