All About Lowbed Trailers

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Lowbeds first made their appearance in the 1920s and since then they have been upgraded with cutting edge technology.  The 1920s lowbed was equipped with a riveted gooseneck.  Back then they also had solid rubber tyres.   In 1958 the lowbed was upgraded in design and had a detachable gooseneck.  And since these times, they have changed in numerous ways.

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What is transported using a lowbed?

Lowbed trailers are designed with low decks that make it easier to transport tall cargo.  If you need to transport heavy construction equipment a lowbed is the perfect answer.  Industrial equipment is also usually transported with a lowbed.  These trailers are the ultimate way to transport any heavy equipment and their capabilities are endless making them a vital part of any construction site.

If you need to transport abnormal loads safely and conveniently without creating a hazard on the road, the answer is a lowbed.  Today there are a variety of different models to choose from.  Because lowbeds are designed in a way that enables them to handle different conditions, it is essential to get the correct weight of the load you wish to transport before going out to find the lowbed.  Today you get front-loading and step-deck loading variations so one should also pay attention to the way the loading is going to be done before you decide which lowbed trailer you will be needing for your specific load.

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Choosing your Lowbed

If you are looking for an increased deck length, a fixed gooseneck lowbed trailer may be what you looking for.  These trailers have a lightweight design.  These usually have a lower height and a drop ramp to make your loading more convenient.    These models do have a disadvantage as they are less convenient and have restricted flexibility as it cannot detach and so front loading is not possible.

For easy and efficient operation, the hydraulic detachable gooseneck is worth considering.  These models are safer and versatile as well as the fastest and easiest to detach.   This being said it does have a downside as their deck size is reduced and they are heavier making them more difficult to use.  It does make loading easier. Because of its mechanical folding gooseneck, it is able to lower its deck to ground level.  The gooseneck can be removed with large hydraulic cylinders that raise and lower the trailer.  Once the trailer is removed from the truck, heavy equipment can be driven over the front of the trailer onto the deck.   Depending on the make, the hydraulics comes either on the front the truck auxiliary or from a pony motor that is mounted in the neck of the trailer.

If you are in for a long haul, your best option is the mechanically detachable gooseneck.  This option is usually lighter, but the detaching is more time consuming.

For more information about these types of lowbeds, you can have a chat with our team.