Natural disasters and fires will happen.  When a disaster or fire happens, time and access to the disaster site are critical.  At these times you want to be sure that the equipment at the site are the most versatile to maximize the effectiveness and productivity.  At these times a Backhoe is essential in the clean-up operation.  Best of all the backhoe can be driven to the disaster site.  Backhoes have many attachments, so depending on the clean-up operation, you can choose the right attachments for the job.

The Backhoes amazing attachments can speed up the process. These attachments can rip, grab, scoop and load debris.  The back hoes extra front bucket and rear hydraulic thumb or swinger attachments can be added to clean out ditches.  The thumb attachment allows the pick and place of debris to be done with exact precision.  The backhoe can even be used to delicately work around a sewer pipe.  The backhoe also has a hammer attachment which can quickly break large concrete slabs or even big rocks.   And once broken into smaller pieces the backhoe can pick up the broken debris and safely load it onto trucks ready to be transported out of the area.

During a clean-up operation, whether natural or fire, the operation will involve a lot of pushing, grabbing, loading or lifting and with a skilled operator all this is possible with a backhoe.  The backhoe will speed up the job when time is of great importance.  When working in a disaster area, safety is of great importance and the backhoe can safely get into and removed debris, large or small, without jeopardising the safety of workers.

Pending flood disaster, the backhoe is essential in the filling of sandbags quickly.  When there is a veld fire that is out of control, the backhoe can be used to quickly dig trenches.  This versatile piece of equipment can easily move large heavy materials, even in tight confined spaces.  Workers can thus stay out of danger areas.

For more information about the uses of Backhoes and to hire one for whatever it is you need doing, you can contact Fast Pulse. We can help you make your decision on the best Backhoe to hire and we can also help you get to grips with it so that you get the most out of you hire.

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