Heavy equipment, including all types of plant hire equipment, is classified according to its application and function.  Being familiar with the specific functions and the classification of your heavy equipment will help you to avoid accidents at the construction site.

For you to work productively, it is of vital importance that you have the knowledge of the classifications so that you can make the best selection of heavy equipment for the job at hand.

The best, most suitable equipment for the job is of important to the economy, for safety and speed and most importantly of all, for the quality of the work.  Construction site managers and planners have a responsibility to all the construction crew to familiarise themselves with the various characteristics of the most used construction equipment.  The same principle applies to those in charge of the mining industry.

Listed below are 8 major classifications of heavy equipment.

Earthmoving Equipment

This equipment is not only used in construction but also in the mining industry.  Their specific functions are to dig, lift, and break rocks, and are also suitable for anything that is done on the earth’s surface.  These machines include Hydraulic or Wheel Excavators, Electric Rope Shovel, Backhoe Loaders, Hydraulic Mining Shovels, Bulldozers or Wheel Dozers, Scrapers, Motor Graders, Track or Wheeled or Skid-steer Loaders, Drilling Machines, Trenching Machines and Track Type Tractors.

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Earth Compaction Equipment

These are also called Compactors and are used to compact materials such as soil to increase the density for construction purposes.  These machines consist of Smooth-Wheel Rollers, Sheep-Foot Rollers and Pneumatic Tired Rollers.

Hauling Equipment

Construction waste may include building material, excess earth and of course the hauling of construction equipment too heavy for our roads.  Some of the equipment used for this purpose are Trucks, Dump Trucks, Tippers, as well as Trailers.

Hoisting Equipment

As the name suggests, this equipment is responsible for the heavy duty lifting of material on a construction site.  This equipment can lift loads and if necessary hold them suspended before transferring them to their designated location.  Typical Hoisting Equipment include:  Forklifts, Boom and Telescopic Lifts, Truck Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, All Terrain Cranes and Telescopic Cranes.

Conveying Equipment

When you need to move heavy bulky material on the surface in a quick and efficient manner the equipment to simplify this job is either a Belt, Screw or Bucket Conveyor.


Aggregate Production Equipment

An Aggregate Production and Processing plant is essential for your concrete needs and are very large.  The heavy equipment that is used for this process are called “crushers” and “mills” and they come in a wide variety.

Concreting Equipment

Concrete Plants, Transit Mixers and Mixers are responsible for making the concrete constituents of building material.

Pile Drive Equipment

Heavy construction material that needs to be positioned, and held in a certain position or depth, needs the help of the following equipment: a Pile Driving Rig or a Pile Driving Hammer.

Knowledge of the equipment listed above will ensure that you always get the best equipment for your construction or mining site.