We’ve covered just what causes excavator damage, but what we have not talked about is the various problems that you can encounter with your excavating machine. When you are working with an excavator, it is not always all smooth sailing. Things can go wrong very quickly, and when they do you can expect downtime and delays in your project that you would probably rather do without.

For this reason, and also because you will want to avoid a bigger problem such as your excavator completely breaking down or ending up hurting someone, it is so important that you know the common types of problems you can expect when you are working with an excavator.

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Excavator Problems

Some problems you are more likely to run into than others, and some problems are going to be a lot more complicated or more devastating than others. But all of these problems can cause your construction project to slow down and become delayed, which is naturally going to end up costing you a lot of money.

This is what to look out for when you are working with an excavator.

  1. Tension in the track

Track tension is a big deal when working with an excavator and it is one of the most common problems than you are going to encounter. When you are running an excavator for a long period of time, the track will need to be adjusted. If you don’t adjust it, you can find that the excavator becomes difficult to move around.

  1. Oil contamination

Mini excavators in particular can struggle with oil contamination. And oil contamination can happen as easily as just a tiny particle somehow getting into the oil. Since the excavator is going to be working in a rough environment, you can imagine how dusty and dirty everything can get.

  1. Leaks

In that rough construction environment, excavators can get bumped around a lot and that can lead to leaking oil which in turn can reduce the productivity of the machine or even lead the machine to a breakdown. If you notice an oil leak, you should make sure that you get to work fixing it before it becomes a problem.

  1. Hydraulic Issues

The hydraulic pump can easily fail, so you need to be on the ball when it comes to taking care of the hydraulic oil.

  1. Gearbox problems

Since the excavator is called on to do quite a lot of work, the gearbox often ends up with problems. And problems are more likely to arise if the gearbox is older, as it will then be more inclined to malfunction in which case you will need to replace it completely.