Compaction Rollers and What You Need To Know

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Generally speaking, there are 6 types of rollers that are used for soil compaction purposes. Get the wrong roller and you may find that the compaction is not what it should be.

A closer look at the different types and there uses.

  • Grid Rollers

Grid rollers are used to compact coarse-grained soil because they provide high contact pressure but no kneading action.  When looking at a grid roller you will see that it has a heavy cylindrical steel surface which consists of a network of steel bars that form a grid of squares.  These rollers are generally towed at a speed between 5 and 24 km/h, with a typical weight of 5 tons net and 15 tons ballasted with concrete blocks.

  • Sheepsfoot Roller

Sheepsfoot Rollers consist of a drum that has many protrusions that look like sheep feet.  This type of roller is normally used for compacting heavy clay and silty clay surfaces.  If necessary the drum can be filled with water or sand to increase its weight.  It is necessary for the top layer to be finished off with a smooth wheel roller.

  • Smooth Wheeled Rollers

Smooth Wheeled Rollers come in two different types.  One is known as the Tamden Roller (weight 2-8 Tons) which has one wheel in the front and one at the rear.  The Three Wheeled Roller (Weight 8-10 Tons) has two wheels at the back and one in the front.  The smooth wheeled roller provides 100% coverage.   It is possible to increase the weight of the roller by filling it with water or soil. Smooth Wheeled Rollers are most suited when consolidating gravel, sand, ballast and also for surface dressings.

Plant hire equipment komatipoort
  • Vibratory Rollers

Vibratory Rollers are used for compacting granular or fine sand.  These rollers can achieve a much higher level of compaction and it compacts the soil to a much deeper level.  These self-propelled rollers weigh between 4-6 tons.

  • Pneumatic Tyre Rollers

The Pneumatic Tyre Roller has a heavily loaded wagon and several rows of 4 or 6 closely spaced tyres.   This type of roller is used for compacting cold laid bituminous areas or layers of soft soil.  It can be equally effective for compacting closely graded sands and fine-grained soils.  After a surface has been rolled by a Sheepfoot Roller, the Pneumatic Tyre Roller is most effective for finishing the area.  The weight of the roller is about 6 – 10 tons but this weight can be increased to 25 tons by ballasting.

  • Cylindrical Rollers

Cylindrical rollers are light and made of iron, concrete or stone, usually drawn by hand. Sizes of cylindrical rollers vary but are usually 1 to 1.5 meters.

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