There are various types of earthmoving equipment found on any construction site.  This equipment varies in size from mini excavators to large tipper trucks and graders.  Large or small they all play an important part in the construction project.

Here is a closer look at some of the equipment and their uses.


The bulldozer is the workhorse of any construction site.  These heavy machines are used for several different jobs on a site even though their main function is to lift or push large objects or materials around.  Bulldozers are also used to lift heavy objects onto tipper trucks or the heavy front blade can be used to crush rocks.  It can also be used to dig into the ground.   Typically a bulldozer consists of a fixed cab with two hydraulic pistons that operate a large blade in the front.

Backhoe Loaders

The backhoe loader is a most unique piece of construction equipment.  Typically this machine consists of a fixed cab that faces forward and has an adjustable shovel in the front and a small bucket at the back.  These parts may be replaced with augers, hammers, brooms, rollers, snowplows, thumbs and ripper attachments, making this a very desirable piece of construction equipment to have on site.  Backhoe Loaders are compact and easily fit into tight spaces while at the same time being trough enough to dig trenches or pick up heavy loads.


Soil compaction is of utmost importance on any building site.  Whether you are building a house, a high rise building or a road, a solid foundation is the key to success.  There are several different types of rollers and each roller compact’s the soil in a different way.

For smaller projects there is a cylindrical roller that is a walk-behind roller and easily handled by one person.  Pneumatic ride-on rollers are used to compact layers of loose soil or closely graded sand.

A Grid Rollers consists of steel bars that are arranged in a grid pattern on a drum.  It is designed for compacting coarse soil or working on subgrade road construction projects.

Vibratory Rollers come in a single or double drum variety and work well when you are compacting granular bases, crushed rock, gravel or asphaltic concrete.

Smooth-wheeled rollers are also known as static rollers and consist of either one or two drums. The single drum model is a smaller size and if used in confined spaces.  The double drum version has two rollers that work in tandem.  This type of roller is used on flat or gradual surfaces.

Last but not least there is the Sheepsfoot Roller that has a roller with either round of rectangular shaped protrusions or “feet” that provide a tramping action.  The drum of this roller can be filled with wet sand if necessary to increase the pressure on the feet.  Sheepsfoot rollers are used for projects where the ground is silty, heavy clay or cohesive soil.

When renting a roller it is essential to go to the site and inspect the type of soil before making your choice of roller.

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