With just a few short weeks until we enter 2023, a lot of thought and planning is already going into the construction projects of the New Year.

2022 has been an upside-down year for many, but the construction industry has pulled through and its strengths and the lessons that it learned in 2022 are going to go a long way towards ensuring that 2023 is a great year, no matter what comes it’s way. Just like every year, the upcoming year is going to be characterised by certain trends. Usually, trends come and go, but the magic of each year is that there are always some things that remain from each trend, and these things can often make the industry function a little bit better than it did before.

South Africa’s construction industry is really going to be shaken up next year, especially since 2022 has been such a tough one across the board for all business. Some of the trends are going to be global while others will be on a more local scale, and while some trends might appeal to your companies, others might not. With this in mind, take what applies to you and leave what doesn’t.

  1. Eco-Friendly Building

Everyone is going green lately, and the construction industry is not going to be left behind. This is a trend that has been on the rise for a good long while and in 2023, green building will once again become quite the popular trend and one that is worth looking at if your construction company has green goals. Eco-friendly building is not just going to be about the building materials used but also the methods.

  1. Smaller workforces

In some places in the industry, but not all, the workforce has been steadily shrinking for years. This is due to various factors and each construction company and the industry as a whole will need to be innovative in order to stay ahead of this trend without losing out by not being able to take on bigger projects due to an insubstantial team.

  1. Remote Working

It sounds like something that is absolutely impossible but there are some sections of the industry that makes remote working possible. By having some people remotely, especially those who are more involved in admin and customer relations, the workplace can become more efficient and more productive. Remote working has even been proven to help improve client relations in some businesses.

  1. Modular Construction

Building modular units and buildings are known to save time and money and they are also excellent for building in areas that are difficult to get to using more conventional means. In 2023 there is likely to be an increase in popularity around the modular building and if your construction company is not yet getting into this type of construction, now is a good time.

2023 can become a great year for your construction company and you need a plant hire team on your side to help you make the most of your New Year. At Fast Pulse we have a range of plant hire machinery available, all at great prices, and we look forward to helping you out in 2023.