Everything you need to know about Excavators

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Every construction site needs an excavator as these magnificent machines do more than their share of work on site.  Excavators, as their name suggests, are mainly used for digging.  They are the quickest way to dig a trench, a hole or even foundations, which will speed up the work on your construction site tremendously.  Since this piece of equipment is pricey, the answer is to hire it.  Excavators are not only useful on the construction site but also used on mines, in the forestry industry or simply to lift heavy objects.

Fast Pulse offers plant hire equipment of all types, as well as expert advice, to make your job a whole lot easier. No matter the size of the project, we have the equipment that will help ensure that you get the job done exactly when it needs to be completed. From TLBs for hire to excavators, and tippers, we have a great selection available.

Different Attachments


Should the job require you to dig holes for post poles, footings or to plant a tree, then the right tool for the job is an auger attached to your excavator.  This nifty piece of equipment is basically a huge drill bit that includes a rotating helical screw blade that acts as a screw conveyor to remove the material.  So in no time at all, you will have the necessary hole.


This attachment has many uses and can be used in many industries.  In the forestry industry, a grapple attachment is used extensively to pick up heavy logs and load them on to trucks.  In demolition, grapples are used to remove rumble.


As the name suggests, breakers are used to break up concrete or road surfaces.  Breakers are also used when there are rocks on a construction site that need to be removed.  It’s a demolition team’s best friend.


The excavator bucket can be used for a variety of construction tasks and therefore comes in several different styles and shapes.  This attachment is used to dig and then scoop up the sand, rocks or general debris.  Once the bucket is full it simply swings its contents and empties it either onto a truck to be driven away or just moved to a different location on site.

Excavators for hire nelspruit

Mini excavators

Mini excavators are a versatile piece of equipment.  These are a mini version of its big brother and can move with ease through crowded areas, narrow sites (parking lots) or can even be used indoors.  The mini excavator has a reduced tail-swing that makes it give a much tighter turn and can, therefore, move between obstacles.  The mini excavator is used to dig sewer lines.   Another use for the mini excavator is digging in the backyard of houses to put in either a swimming pool or hot tub.  Should you need to destroy a structure in your backyard such as a shed or Wendy house this is the machine for the job.

Remember when making use of any excavator, large or small, to make sure you have a suitably licenced operator.  The equipment is only as good as its operator.

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