Excavators are among the most versatile plant machines and what makes them so versatile is the option of adding an attachment to the machine. Fast Pulse has this plant hire equipment available and if you are looking out for more information about this equipment and its attachments, we’re going to cover the basics. To start with, there are two types of attachments, the augers and the grapples.


The Auger Attachment is like having a huge drill bit for your excavator.  In the past it would take a team to dig a hole when you need to plant post poles or even dig a hole for a tree.  In the plumbing industry Augers are very useful for drilling holes for pipes.  This drill bit uses heavy duty hydraulics and bites into even rocky or hard soil with ease.  Augers have a range of different bit types and teeth so that you are able to match the bit you need for the job at hand.

You get to choose between a direct drive and a gear driven planetary auger.  The direct drive auger is used to optimally balance between torque and RPM whereas the gear driven planetary auger as used when you need the most torque.

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Here is a look at several types of grapple attachments available and their uses.

Wood Grapple – This attachment is most useful in the forestry industry for moving or organising large logs that have been felled and now either have to be moved from the area where they fell to a more stable area to await the trucks to collect them or to actually load the logs onto the trucks.

Stone Grapple – This type is useful on a construction site where large rocks have been blasted or removed and now have to be taken and placed on trucks to be removed.

Demolition Grapple – This attachment is often used in the scrap-metal industry or recycling industry where it can be used to pick up large amounts of debris and either stack it or load it on trucks to be taken away.

Orange Peel Grapple – This is the perfect attachment to use in a scrap yard as this powerful attachment is capable of lifting car bodies or even long structural beams.  It can also be used at a land fill for grabbing garbage.

Pulveriser Grapple – This one is designed to crush concrete.  It has cruciform teeth that can pierce and crush concrete with ease.  So if demolition is on the cards, the pulveriser attachment will definitely save you a lot of time and money.  Pulverisers are also used to separate rebars efficiently.

Bucket Grapple – This attachment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.  It can be used on construction sites to load up sand and can also be used in the farming industry to pick up bales of hay. It is also used by most municipalities to scoop up rubbish.  The beauty of this attachment is that it scoops up without damages to the surrounding area.

Mechanical Grapple – robust and simple the mechanical grapple attachments are useful in the mining, demolition or logging industries.  This attachment has the ability to load irregularly shaped loads .