Across the globe, there are four pieces of earth moving equipment that in high demand not only in South Africa but across the globe.

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Here are the 4 types of earth moving equipment that has become popular in the construction industry.

  • Backhoe Loaders

A backhoe loader is the most popular of all the heavy earth moving equipment.  This piece of equipment accounts for about 45% of the market share of heavy earth moving equipment globally.  Basically, this machine is a tractor with a front loader and a backhoe.  The backhoe loader works in the same way as an excavator, but is smaller and has tyres instead of tracks.  In an excavator the whole cabin swings whereas in a backhoe loader, only the operator’s seat swings. Despite its size, the backhoe loader is an excellent choice for jobs like crushing, lifting, demolishing or even digging and breaking, since it has various attachments.

Backhoe Loaders
  • Excavators

This piece of hydraulic equipment is made up of a “boom” stick and bucket that is attached to a cab that gets mounted on a platform that is called a house.  The undercarriage of the house is then attached to either wheels or tracks.

The booms of the excavator have one of these configurations: Mono / Knuckle Boom or base hinge which allows the boom to move at 180 degrees independent of the house, or Tab or Triple Articulated Boom which allows 360 degrees of movement.

The dipper has the boom connected to it, which provides the digging force to pull the bucket.  Small dippers are used for break out power while long dippers are used for reach.  At the end of the dipper is the bucket.  Bucket attachments come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  There are also attachments for boring, crushing, ripping cutting, lifting and others. The two most preferred control figurations worldwide are the SAE and ISO.

  • Bulldozers

The bulldozer is an incredibly powerful piece of equipment and is most useful in construction, mining, land clearing, etc.

This piece of equipment comes with either tyres or tracks.  It has two primary tools; a blade in the front and a ripper at the back.  The blades are either U or S or a U-S type and are used for various purposes.  Sharpened blades are often used to cut and clear tree stumps after the tree has been felled.  Rippers are excellent for breaking the top layer of hard ground into rubble.

  • Skid Steer Loaders

A Skid Steer Loader has lift arms and these powerful machines are truly labour saving pieces of equipment.  This machine has four wheels that are mechanically locked in synchronization on each side.  Here the left-side drive wheels can be driven independently of the right-side drive wheels.  The skid loader’s wheels typically have no separate steering mechanism and hold a straight alignment on the body of the machine.  For the execution of various jobs, the skid loader has several different types of attachments making the Skid loader serve a number of purposes.  For their compact size, this machine has exceptional power and that is what makes it a cut above the rest.