We are fast approaching midsummer and that means we are almost at the hottest part of the year. While the construction industry is set for its annual shutdown later this month, when business starts up again in January, it starts up during an incredibly hot time of the year.

Working in the construction world during the summer months in South Africa, and in the Lowveld in particular, means having to approach things a little differently. The extreme heat means you are going to have to make some changes to the way that you do things in order to not overwhelm your staff or your machinery. While the days may be longer, they are also a whole lot more draining for those who are not so happy in the heat. This means you might find that you benefit from changing up your routine.


Tips for Summer Construction

The tips that we are going to be talking about generally cover the machinery you will be using as well as the people you will have on site.

  1. Beware overheating

It can happen so quickly, and when it does your machinery can seize up and that will almost certainly bring your construction site to a halt. And you don’t want that. Whenever you are working with heavy machinery during the hot summer months, you have to be extra careful to ensure that you don’t overwork your machines. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge and stop operations when things get too warm.

  1. Keep machinery and staff well watered

Hydration is what will keep both your staff and your machinery working. You need to make sure that your staff have water close at hand at all times and for any of your machinery that relies somewhat on water, keep an eye on that too.

  1. Stay cool

Heat stroke is a very real threat during the summer, and your staff should be encouraged to take some time to cool off if they start feeling overwhelmed in the sun. It can help to change things up when staff start showing signs of exhaustion, and if possible you should move them to a more shaded part of the construction site.

  1. Start earlier

The summer sun rises well before 5am in the Lowveld, so it might be a good idea to get working before that extreme heat kicks in and your staff start feeling exhausted. The earlier they start work, the earlier they can finish off the day, which is also something they can look forward to at this time of the year.

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