Just like any other workplace, a construction site needs a plan in place to ensure that both the equipment and the staff are able to stay clean. With all the dust and dirt, the oil spills and the grime, staying on top of things can get difficult when you haven’t created and stuck to a method that works. Not only does a lack of cleanliness leave the team feeling grubby, but it can also become hazardous, depending on the type of dirt being dealt with.

The plan that you create to keep clean should include the overall construction site as well as the facilities for the team, which should take into account sanitation and any other cleanliness that the team might need.

Such strategies should be put in place long before the construction project gets underway, in order to ensure that everything is ready to go once the project starts. This means you should set aside a proper portion of your budget to use on hygiene and construction site cleanliness. For the most part, once these plans are put in place, there will not be all that much else to do, so long as the site is maintained.

Tips for Keeping a Construction Site Clean

  1. Clear away the rubbish everyday

At the end of each day, construction sites accumulate a lot of rubbish and rubble, and it is best to clear things away. This will prevent the site from gaining an unworkable amount of rubbish that will take too much time to move in a single session. Clearing away the rubbish and rubble will also help to prevent accidents from happening.

  1. Remove anything not being used anymore

From plant hire equipment to just about anything else on the construction site that is not being used anymore, it should be removed from the site in order to clear away the clutter. This will help to keep the site clear and easy to navigate.

  1. Keep an eye on the toilets

Most, more like all, of the construction sites out there will have portable toilets and they will require a bit of maintenance and up keep, to ensure that are clean and up to hygienic standards. The toilets should be kept in a place where they are easily accessible but also out of the way, so that they don’t get bumped over.

  1. Dust control

All construction sites are going to get dusty due to the land being bare and the construction equipment kicking up sand all day. When dust gets into all of the nooks and crannies of the machinery, it can reduce the effectiveness of the machine, and the dust can also just be really unpleasant when every work surface is covered with it.

  1. Have washing up facilities

Some construction sites go the extra mile to help make sure that their team can get home clean. While sites with washing up facilities might be more common when the site is smaller, having such facilities are always most welcomed by the team, who might want to have a shower after the day’s work is done.