For most construction companies, getting the job done properly and on time is a massive priority. But the safety of those working onsite is without a doubt the main priority of any company. Sure, business is important, but life is irreplaceable.

Work site safety has changed greatly over the years, as the industry and the equipment used in the industry are constantly evolving. To keep up with the safety side of things, those safety professionals working in construction have shared some of their main safety tips to ensure that construction sites are always at the top of their game.

Fast Pulse has been leading the way when it comes to plant hire equipment. We supply high-quality plant hire equipment of all kinds and all of our equipment is well-maintained and consistently checked for possible faults which could lead to a breakdown. We pay careful attention to the specific needs of our clients and aim to provide a fantastic advice. And since we’ve spent so much time on construction sites, we’ve gathered plenty of information about job site safety.

So, according to the experts, what can you do to make your site extra safe?

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Use design to your advantage

Although South Africa has its fair share of problems, and the economy and its lack of performance is always in the news, we are seemingly always building something new. With all of these new construction sites popping up, the way in which they are designed is quite crucial to safety. The aim should be completely on preventing accidents from happening, and so eliminating the risks should be the priority. If the risks can’t be completely removed, then they should be controlled.

Risk prevention measures need to be built into the initial construction design plans and implemented from day 1.

Health and Fitness

Working on construction sites can be tough both physically and mentally. It is important that all who work on the site undergo the relevant health screens and are physically fit enough to handle the work they are required to do. It is also important that those on site are capable of handling the equipment safely, and without straining themselves.  Construction sites, especially those in South Africa, can be very intense what with our extreme weather often taking a real toll on the body. Both health and fitness are important.

Proper Leadership

Having a safety department is vital for every site. These departments can help ensure that the site remains a safe place to work and should something go wrong, they will be right there to make sure that any issues are quickly dealt with.

Every site is going to be different, so make sure that you have tailored your site’s safety according to your exact needs.