One of the greatest things about plant hire equipment is that some types of equipment are just so flexible. With the addition of a few attachments, you can quite easily turn your equipment into a tool that is more effective and which is capable of taking on more than one type of task. Because much of what needs to be done is not always achievable without a little bit of ingenuity, making sure that you have the information needed to turn a machine into something more useful to your project is an absolute must.

At Fast Pulse, we have the experience and the know-how to help you make the most of your plant hire. We also have the knowledge that you might find useful if you were looking to transform your machinery into something more effective through the use of plant hire equipment. With such a massive range of plant hire equipment out there, simplifying the process and making sure that you have safely adapted the machinery to suit your specific needs is simple when you know what to look for.

Attachments for Excavators

Excavators are without a doubt the one type of plant hire equipment that you are going to come across on every single site you visit. And because these machines are such useful and sought after machines, numerous attachments have been developed to turn these machines into tools that can be used for so much more than excavating.

Useful attachments that you can opt for include:

  • A Rock Saw: This attachment is great for hacking through rocks if you’d prefer not to break the rocks up.
  • A Ripper: This attachment can be used to break down rocks.
  • A Sieve Bucket: This attachment is ideal for sifting through any materials being moved.
  • A Tilt Bucket: This attachment can move and dig through mud and other materials.
  • A Compaction Wheel: This attachment makes it easier to move through trenches.
  • A Spreader Bar Pallet: Spreading and levelling out soil is easily done with this attachment.
  • A Pallet Fork: This attachment is quite literally used to move boxes.
  • A Grab: This attachment is a common one and is used to grab and move rocks.

The Importance of Flexibility

All of the attachments that you can use with your excavator are designed to make the machine a more flexible tool, which can come in very handy on any type of construction site. It is so important to have such flexibility, because while you can plan every aspect of your project down to the final detail, there are always going to be those unseen issues that come up out of nowhere and with the right kinds of tools, you can tackle any kind of problem before it becomes a really expensive burden  that will have a harmful impact on your budget.

While you don’t have to order these attachments right from the outset of your project, it is useful to know what is available should you need it.