Plant Hire Equipment Safety

Plant hire equipment nelspruit

Regardless of the type of project underway, construction sites can be a dangerous place. One slip up or bad decision can lead to someone being hurt or even killed. Basically, on any site, there are hazards all over the place and the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you and those working with you are safe, is to familiarise yourself with the equipment you are using.

Fast Pulse is one of Mpumalanga’s leading plant hire companies. We have a wide selection of plant hire equipment available for our clients to use and we also provide great advice. Our plant hire equipment is kept well maintained and we always stock the latest plant hire machines. Amongst our plant hire machines for hire, we have tippers, TLBs and more available for our clients.

We like to be involved in construction site safety by ensuring that we fully explain how to use our plant hire equipment to our clients. When delivering the equipment, we go the extra distance to make sure that our clients know as much about the machinery as possible and if our clients are unsure about anything, or should they prefer not to operate the machinery themselves, we can provide an experienced operator to help out. This way, you will always be safe when you are using our equipment on your construction site.

Plant hire equipment nelspruit

Safety Tips

Staying safe when using our plant hire equipment is actually quite easy when you are following safety guidelines and sticking to a few simple tips:

  • If you or someone on your team is going to be using the equipment, be sure to use a ladder to get into it. This way you won’t strain muscles or slip and fall from the machine.
  • Always wear safety boots and protect your hands with gloves. Should you get something slippery on your boots or gloves, wipe it off before getting into the plant hire equipment.
  • Grab hold of an easy part of the equipment to safely hoist yourself up.

Staying safe on your construction site should be your number one priority. One injury not only harms your employees, but it also harms your project. When you do things according to the book, the project will move along swiftly and your deadlines will be easily met.

We are always ready and willing to help our plant hire clients and if you have any questions about how to stay safe when using our equipment, you need only ask. Contact Fast Pulse today to find out more about the equipment we have to offer.