Our Plant Hire

Service is our motto.  We have outstanding backup plans and maintenance for our machines. We currently have the following plant hire machinery available for hire:


Plant hire equipment rocky drift

Cat 140 Graders

Plant hire equipment komatipoort

5000 / 8000 L Water Carts

Plant hire equipment komatipoort


Plant hire equipment nelspruit

10mᵐ³ Tippers

Tippers for hire rocky drift

6ᵐ³ Tippers

Plant hire equipment barberton


Plant hire equipment barberton


Plant hire equipment white river

Buying TLB’s and other plant equipment is not a sensible business decision. Hiring TLBs and plant hire equipment not only saves time and money, but it also means that you don’t have to worry about the finer details, such as maintenance or training an operator. There is a whole list of reasons why people will rather opt to hire plant and earth moving equipment rather than buy it. And when you hire our TLB’s for your Nelspruit, Malelane, Barberton or White River based projects, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are hiring the best equipment on the market.

We aim to give our clients the most competitive prices for our plant hire equipment while we always provide the highest standard of service.

Fast Pulse is the proud owner of the following plant hire equipment:

  • Excavators

Our reliable excavators can be used to move heavy objects, such as rocks, out of the way. They are also ideal for digging foundations. Our excavators for hire are kept in pristine condition and will easily accomplish any task suitable for its purposes.

  • Cat 140 Graders

Graders are mostly used during the road construction process. This machine has a long blade that is used to create a flat surface.

  • 5000 / 8000 L Water Carts

Even construction sites need water, and the best way to ensure that water is available onsite is by transporting it using a reliable water tank. We have both 5000 litre tanks and 8000 litre tanks.

  • Rollers

Rollers can be vital in the construction process. These are compactor vehicles and they are designed to compact asphalt, concrete, gravel and soil. They are ideally used when building roads and parking spaces.

  • 10mᵐ³ Tippers

All kinds of tippers can come in handy when completing a project. Tippers can take transport unwanted material away from an area while they are also fantastic for bringing materials to the site.

  • 6ᵐ³ Tippers

Our reliable tippers come in two different sizes and they will never let you down. They are great for transporting all kinds of heavy construction materials.


Our TLB’s for hire in Nelspruit are highly adaptable and can easily become a very important piece of earth moving equipment for your project. These machines are excellent for both road construction as well as for agricultural purposes. They are also often used for building projects.

  • Lowbed

To transport our plant hire equipment to places throughout the Lowveld, we have a trusted and reliable lowbed truck. Our lowbed can also be hired out

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