Construction sites are home to various types of different tools, machinery and more. All of the hardware is very expensive and provide workers the means to successfully complete construction projects. Because of the steep prices these tools and machinery can reach, they are often targets of thefts and vandalism and are sold for some good money.

It is a good idea to make sure that the hardware, machinery and tools are kept safe here are some helpful tips to aide in the protection of the Site

Tracking Devices and Anti-Theft Equipment

Tracking devices are a useful form of tracking devices that aide in the tracking and recovery of primarily vehicle but can also be added to certain tools and devices. These devices can be tracked via GPS to allow owners easy recovery of their property. Wheel locks, shut off systems ignition locks and more are all different and equally useful methods that can be used to protect your property.

Lock Boxes and containers

Larger pieces of equipment like loaders, excavators and more are much more difficult to steal or get access to. Smaller pieces of equipment like grinders, welders, and more are much easier to get access to and steal and therefore it is important to have heavy duty containers like lock boxes, storage containers and more where the equipment can be stored in safely with only trusted and certain staff having access to these containers.

Surveillance and Alarms

Construction sites and many large environments can be very busy and it can be very hard to keep an eye over everything. Cameras can be added to numerous areas in the site and can keep an eye on everything and when there are little people in the area. This also aides in finding evidence when there are situations like theft and vandalism.

Alarm systems can be installed to numerous places like vehicles, storage containers and offices. Alarms can scare away intruders, alert nearby people as well as inform owners and armed response to a disturbance. Alarms can also be connected to cameras that can detect any movement in otherwise inaccessible areas or secured locations.

Light Towers and guards

Light towers are large structures with spotlights that scan the area, providing much needed light to darkened areas, increasing visibility in obscure locations. Light towers allow people like foremen and security guards to see what is happening in locations when light becomes a problem.

Security guards are a very effective way of protecting equipment. They can patrol the entirety of the site investigating any disturbances or problems as well as protecting offices and many more locations. Numerous security guards can be hired to protect an area, increasing the security and allowing multiple locations to be overseen at the same time, decreasing the chance of any mischievous actions.