Construction Sites come in a wide range of sizes, depending on the type of construction job. A majority of sites are very large, providing more than enough space for many workers and plenty of machinery to do the job efficiently. Many of these larger construction sites have enough resources to validate the use of large construction tools and machinery, like excavators, dumpers, loaders and more.

There are also construction sites that have a lack in size and space and the work environment can often be constrained and limited in movement with larger tools and machinery and often require something smaller to accommodate and work in the given area.

CAT BobCat

One of the must have pieces of equipment in any construction site is a loader. Loaders provide the much needed muscle to pick up and transport large sums of dirt and debris from one location to the other. Dumpers also allow easy transport of equipment and muscle power for more physical work like pulling. In smaller construction situations, the amount of debris and building material is much less and therefor a smaller loader is required. One of the best options are mini loaders like the BobCAT. They provide enough lifting power, a sufficient scoop and is safe for the worker to use.

Mini Excavators

Much like loaders, excavators are one of the most used and necessary pieces of machinery on any construction job both big and small. Excavators are very versatile as many of them allow for their heads to be removed and replaced with a number of attachments that suit the job at hand. Mini excavators offer the same convenience and versatility with a smaller size for smaller construction sites. Though not as powerful their larger counterparts, they offer more than enough power for the work at hand.

Mini Dumpers

The last member of the so called Construction Trio, the Dumper is quite a necessary piece of machinery and is in some cases the most hard working. Dumpers have a large bin that allows them to haul anything from equipment to debris and construction material. Dumpers can make up some of the largest pieces of heavy machinery in the world. Mini dumpers provide that necessary hauling power without sacrificing on power or usefulness.

Hand Rollers

Hand Rollers are exactly what the name suggests, they are used to flatten areas before work can be done, or they flatten areas that have been worked on. In many cases, the giant rollers are called to a construction site and also on roadworks to make the flattening of areas convenient and easy, but at the expense of massive size and usage of space. Hand rollers, though much smaller, also allow workers in smaller construction locations to utilize the usefulness of a roller without the waste of space and a bonus is that multiple hand rollers can be used in the place of one much larger one, which can speed up projects considerably in many cases.