This year has not been off to the best start for most industries and the construction industry has, in particular, suffered one of the biggest setbacks. Having been without work for more than 2 months and only recently having returned to their construction sites, the race is on to catch up on lost time and completely restart the once bustling industry.

To help companies get the upper hand over this completely unexpected situation, there are a few technological innovations that have come out in 2020 that might just transform the way in which equipment and certain additions can improve the work done in the industry.

For years Fast Pulse has been making it easier than ever before for companies to hire the plant equipment they need in order to get the job done. Our rentals are affordable and can really help to ensure that you save time and money while you are working towards successfully completing your construction project. We offer an array of exceptional plant hire equipment that is kept well-maintained and ready to use.

While we’ve not yet incorporated all of these technological advancements in our equipment, we are looking towards the future. And as someone working in the industry, you should be contemplating them as well.

robot construction
  1. Autonomous vehicles

What was once a nice idea about the future has since become a reality for those in the construction world. Self-driving vehicles and now fully autonomous construction equipment not only lowers the costs on a construction site, but they are also quite fantastic when it comes to reducing the risks that are so often associated with big building projects.

The next year is quite likely to see a surge in the use of these immensely efficient and safe vehicles.

  1. GPS Tracking

This technology is not exactly old. But it is being applied to more than just road vehicles. To reduce the possibility of items and other equipment, such as tools, going missing, construction site managers are looking to GPS tracking to reduce the possibility of things being misplaced or stolen and as a result costing time and money.

Stopping theft and innocent loss is made all the easier when items are being tracked using a reliable GPS system, made to be perfectly suitable for tools and other smaller things that are regularly used on a construction site.

  1. Virtual Reality

In 2019, virtual reality became an immensely popular term that was applied to all sorts of industries and went a long way towards changing the way we do and see things. VR is not applied to the actual equipment but rather it is applied to the blue prints shown to clients on laptops and other such devices. With VR clients will be able to see the final product before it is completed.

This technology is now more affordable than ever before and it really can transform the entire approach to the project.