Tipper trucks come in a variety of configurations and sizes.  Each construction site has a need for a tipper truck, depending on what you will need to move, make sure you get the right tipper truck for the job.  At Fast Pulse, we have one of the biggest selections of plant hire machinery, including tippers for hire. With our well-maintained machines along with our affordable prices, any construction company can enjoy immense benefits when working with us.

Off-Road Tipper Truck

The off-road tipper truck is also known as an articulated truck and is capable of handling loads of up to 60 tons.  While these trucks are not normally used on roads, they play an essential part in the mining industry as they can haul huge amounts of aggregate.  They are also used to haul big loads over long distances.


Transfer Tipper Truck

The beauty of this tipper truck is that it has a separate trailer.  This type of truck gives you maximum load capacity without losing any of the trucks manoeuvrability.  The separate container is powered by an electric motor mounted on the tractor that travels on wheels rolling into the trailer frame of the main truck.

 Side Tipper Truck

The side dump truck is the fastest truck to unload, because of its unique ability to tilt to the side and therefore off-load along the longest part of the truck.  It is also safer to off-load from the side than the back.  The down side of this truck is that it is large and cannot get into smaller construction sites.  They also don’t carry the volume that the traditional tipper truck can carry.


Standard Tipper Truck

This tipper truck is the tipper we all know and is the most used in the construction industry.  These trucks come in the standard six and ten wheeler with one front axle and one or more rear axles.  Although these trucks have excellent manoeuvrability, they cannot be used on soft soil.

As with all construction vehicles, there are a certain amount of dangers that come with these vehicles.  Construction vehicles are built for off-road or construction sites, so they are built much higher than most trucks.

It is vitally important that you always opt for the right tipper for your specific project. The wrong selection could result in either project delays or downright dangerous situations that can be avoided with the right selection. To find out more about what we have to offer, get in touch with our team.