The Various Uses of Tippers

Tippers for hire white river

In South Africa, we call them tippers, but overseas, in America in particular, they are known as dump trucks. But it doesn’t matter what you call them, they are versatile and a must for any construction site!

The typical tipper has a very distinct design. Hinged to the rear of the equipment is an open-box bed and with hydraulic rams fitted to the front, the open-box bed easily lifts and dumps whatever it is carrying. Not only does this make the tipper effective for removing rubble and other construction debris from the site, but it is equally reliable for bringing construction material to the site. This makes the tipper ideal for every construction project.

Fast Pulse has a selection of reliable tippers for hire in Nelspruit. We also provide our machinery to construction projects in the surrounding areas of Rocky Drift, White River and Malalane. We have 10mm3 tippers as well as 6mm3 tippers. The 10mm3 tippers are ideal for bigger loads while the 6mm3 tippers make it easy to move around smaller loads. Both of these tippers are great to have onsite and they instantly speed up the construction process.

Hiring Tippers in Nelspruit

Our tippers for hire in Nelspruit and surrounding towns, are the better option when you consider what buying a tipper would entail. Tippers don’t come with an inexpensive price tag. Instead, they can be quite expensive, especially when you won’t really have a permanent need for one. Even the busiest construction companies find that hiring is better than buying.

When hiring a tipper, you are not just getting a great piece of construction machinery. Plant hire companies always make sure that their machinery is kept well serviced and up to date, which means you are always getting the best of the best when you hire your tipper.

Should you buy a tipper, you will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance as well as unexpected expenses should the machinery be damaged. You also won’t have to be worried about finding an operator to safely operate the tipper. Plant hire companies, like ours, will provide you with a professional driver/operator so that you can get the most out of the equipment you have hired.

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The Tipper Uses You Should Know

Great for bringing construction materials to the site as well as remove materials from the site, when you have a tipper you can rely on its sturdy, tough build. These machines can transport just about anything. From concrete rubble to the lightest of loads, you won’t find much that your tipper can’t move.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you need to choose the right size tipper. It won’t do to hire the wrong size and end up with a problem! If you find yourself in need of a tipper for your next construction project, get in touch with Fast Pulse. We’ll assist you with affordable tippers for hire.