Tipper trucks are amongst the most commonly used plant machines and Fast Pulse has a great selection of tippers available for hire in towns like Nelspruit, Rocky Drift, White River and Barberton. To ensure the safety of the machines, not only should you hire (or buy) your machine from a reputable dealer, but you should also make sure that you dedicate time each day to doing proper checks.

Daily vehicle checks

When working daily with a tipper truck safety is key to the success of the operation.  Just like any vehicle the tipper truck needs daily inspection before you set to work.  Simple inspections of the plant machine will ensure trouble free work and these daily inspections should focus on the tyre pressure and also the suspension and lift cylinders.  Another daily inspection should be done on the pins and bushes to ensure that they are properly lubricated.

Once in the vehicle

After this inspection has been done, the operator must be dressed appropriately for the job.  Reflective clothing is a must on a construction site and it should be accompanied by a hard hat and protective foot wear.  Once inside the cab, the operator should make sure that they have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on board.  Should the tipper truck be involved in an accident, these are essential.

When on site

The tipper truck operator must also make sure that he makes use of the alarm and warning lights on entering a construction site as well as when he is reversing.

One of the most important safety protocols on a construction site when using the tipper truck is to ensure that the ground is level and solid where the tipper truck will be off-loading.  If the ground where the tipper truck is not level the truck could easily tip over when off-loading as the truck becomes less stable when the bed is lifted.  The ground or gravel where the tipper truck is off-loading should be packed firmly.

Another vital safety measure when using a tipper truck is to make sure there are no low hanging live electrical wires where the truck will be tipping its load.  Also, check for any live electrical wires that may be lying on the ground where the tipper truck is operating.  Any live electrical wires that come into contact with the tipper truck while it is operating could result in the driver of the tipper truck receiving an electrical shock.

Another important safety measure when operating a tipper truck is the load itself.  It is of vital importance to distribute the load evenly over the bed of the tipper truck.   Remember that the tipper truck will be moving over uneven territory on the construction site.  It is therefore essential to balance the load evenly to ensure that the trucks centre of gravity is centred.  An off-balanced load can make the truck difficult to operate and also tip the truck over on the uneven ground.

You can hire the most up to date tipper trucks when you work with Fast Pulse. Have a chat with our time today to find out more.