The seasons are changing here in South Africa and just before we get plunged into the depths of a cold and dark winter, it is important that you know what needs to be done in order to prepare your construction equipment for the new conditions.

For the most part South Africa has wonderful winter weather. We never have to struggle with thick blankets of lingering snow and while we do have frost, it is it too is never around for long. That said, the colder season can still bring about its own challenges and as such there are some things that you can do in order to prepare for the few months during which we have colder weather.

It is well known that during the winter, all kinds of vehicles can struggle a little bit to get going or to function efficiently.

Ideally, before the season changes over completely, you should already be in full preparation mode so that when winter rolls in around the end of May, you already know what needs to be done to keep the equipment not just fully functional but functioning at an optimum level.

At Fast Pulse, we work with all kinds of plant hire equipment, and we know how to take the best care of such equipment all throughout the year, and especially during the cold winters. Aside from our blog and all of the information that we share here, we are also more than happy to give you any other helpful tips that you might need when you are looking to hire plant equipment.


To help you prep for the winter though, here’s a handful of things to keep in mind.

  1. Check the basics

Oil, water, the battery and the engine should all be given a careful once over, ensuring that everything is in healthy running order. You should also make sure that you are using the right oils and fluids in the equipment for the season, to guarantee that you have a smooth project.

  1. Give everything a good clean

Cleaning your machine should be a priority especially if you are working in an area that can become very much muddy and difficult to work with. Rain is not uncommon during winter in our part of the world, and unlike summer, when the water dries up fast, during winter, it tends to stay. Having a dirty piece of equipment is likely to slow down the project so make sure you keep things clean.

  1. Idle the machine and keep the engine warm

To ensure that the machine runs optimally at all times, you should give the engine some extra special attention. Keeping the machine and especially the engine warm, and to let it idle for a little bit can be hugely beneficial, especially when you are getting going in the morning when it is still incredibly cold.

Naturally, if harsh weather is to blow up, you should make sure that you give your vehicle enough protection from the elements, which you can do by parking it under cover.