It is no secret that South Africans are facing the highest fuel costs they have possibly ever paid in history. As the prices continue to go up and up, it is not just the average citizen and business person who is facing a steep increase in their costs, but also construction sites. Construction equipment is well-known to be a huge fuel guzzler, and since you can’t do without your equipment, and since there is no avoiding having to pay the increasing fuel prices, best thing that you can do to lower your expenses on a construction site is to find and implement fuel saving tips.

The construction industry is in many ways the backbone of our developing economy. And with each increase in the fuel prices, something that is now happening on a monthly basis, the industry is knocked, resulting in the closing of companies, job losses, and just generally fewer projects being completed.

To help somewhat avoid the fallout that is the result of an increase in fuel prices, here’s how you can save.

  1. Never skip on maintenance

Equipment maintenance is the one thing that can both improve and maintain the optimal performance of your equipment. Generally, if you are hiring the equipment, the maintenance should be done by the company offering the equipment. If you own the machinery, then you are going to have to put it into your budget. Maintained equipment is a lot more fuel efficient.

  1. Don’t leave machinery to idle

Idling machinery is machinery that is guaranteed to waste fuel. While you can’t avoid all types of idling, as there will be times when this is necessary, you should do all that you can to minimise the amount of idling that your machinery does in a day.

  1. Use trained people

Staff who are not trained and experienced with the construction equipment are going to waste time and they are also going to possibly be quite aggressive with the machines, which can mean the machine ends up wasting a lot of fuel throughout the day. For this reason, you should use trained operators.

  1. Use the right fuel and oil

If you use the right juice right from the start, you will be able to minimise the amount of fuel you end up using, simply because your construction equipment will be working optimally at all times. So long as the engine functions smoothly, the machine won’t guzzle all of the fuel.

  1. Tyre pressure

The air pressure within the tyres can have quite a big effect on your machine’s fuel consumption. Each day you should make sure that the tyres all have the right air pressure so that the equipment functions perfectly. You should also make a point of checking the air filters and ensuring that they are clean enough to allow the vehicle to function properly.

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