TLB Hire: What is a TLB?

Excavators for hire rocky drift

When you have been asked by your company to hire a TLB in Nelspruit and you are new to the industry, the jargon might leave you feeling a little bit lost. Not to worry, the plant hire industry is one that is pretty straightforward and you will soon be navigating it like a pro.

At Fast Pulse, we are the industry leaders when it comes to all things plant hire. We provide our equipment to projects being done throughout Nelspruit as well as White River, Barberton, and Malelane. Along with providing the plant hire equipment, we include an experienced operator as a part of the rental agreement. Our rental prices vary depending on whether you opt for a wet or dry rental. The difference being that a wet rental includes the diesel and the dry rental does not.

But this is not really answering the question of what a TLB actually is.

TLB rentals in Nelspruit are really popular to use for any construction project. A TLB is going to simplify the tasks of digging and ploughing. In the past, that was a job done by hand but that is not at all practical these days, considering how much digging needs to be done during most constructions projects.

Excavators for hire rocky drift

The acronym TLB stands for tractor loader backerhoe and it can be used for everything from digging foundations to being used on farms. The machine drastically reduces the amount of time it would otherwise take to get the job done. You will often find great use for the TLB at the start of a project, with it being a part of the machinery needed to dig foundations.

It is fitted with a digging shovel in the front and a claw at the back. The front shovel is used to do the digging and the back will be doing the scooping up! The TLB is incredibly versatile when it is on site and while it might look smaller than other machinery, it is considered to be heavy equipment.

When you hire a TLB, you will need to have an experienced operator. While you are shopping around for the right plant hire company, it is best to make sure that you ask if the rental will include an operator. Our operators have many years of experience, the kind that only comes from working on numerous different types of construction projects.

In modern areas, the main use of the TLB is for building. From offices needing an extra strong foundation to road excavations, hiring a TLB is a must. In the more rural setting, such as a farming district, the TLB can be used to prepare the land for planting.

You can rely on Fast Pulse for all of your plant hiring needs. Contact us today to find out more about our services.