As the manager, or the general person in charge of the construction site, or as someone working with the budget, it is quite likely that you want to do everything in your power to cut costs wherever you can.

You could start by hiring plant machinery rather than buying it, should you not be in permanent need of the machinery, and you can also save on costs by relooking at your materials costs and finding a few places where you can save.

Fast Pulse, a plant hire equipment company based in Rocky Drift, has helped construction companies to cut costs by hiring out well maintained, high-quality plant machinery at affordable prices. We have plenty of experience in the industry and along with hiring out exceptional machinery, we are more than willing to give you some helpful advice, both through this blog and in person when you hire one of the machines from our fleet.

We want to help you save, especially as the economy is not in the best condition. So in our latest blog, we’ve researched a few other many ways that you can cut down on those costs relating to the materials you are using on the construction site.


Buy in bulk

It is not a secret that you can save money when you buy pretty much anything in bulk, and the same applies to your construction materials. It doesn’t matter where you buy your materials from, it is likely that you will pay less per kilogram when you choose to buy in bulk as opposed to buying in smaller amounts.

You might be thinking, “What if I buy in bulk but I don’t use everything I buy?”

Well, what you are buying is not likely to be perishable so you can easily store it away and use it during your next construction project. In the long run, you will be saving on every project you work on when you follow this route. Buying in bulk will also:

  • Enable you to avoid those awful market trends that tend to occasionally drive up prices. Instead, you can take advantage in prices when they are at their lowest, and then buy in bulk.
  • Have instant access to excess materials should you need it in emergency situations.
  • Minimise the risk of running out of materials at a crucial phase of the project.

If you are going to buy in bulk, make sure you have a proper inventory system in place so that materials won’t go missing.


We’re not talking about picking up things at the scrap yard or off the side of the road! By salvaging, we mean you can buy those materials bought by a salvage company or use repurposed materials that have been discarded from their original purpose. Wood, bricks and even internal furnishings have been discarded in the past and can be salvaged and used for another purpose.

Work on your supplier relationships

Have a good working relationship with your suppliers and you could end up saving money. People like that personal touch to their relationship and when there is a bond, people tend to work faster and come up with great solutions that could have you saving on your costs.