Plant hire machinery is generally thought to only be useful on larger construction sites, but the reality is that every kind of project can benefit greatly from having plant machinery, so long as the machinery is the right fit for the task at hand.

The sort of machinery you have for your construction project is naturally going to depend on the work that needs to be done. And since plant machinery tends to come in all shapes and sizes, if you are working in a rather small space, or if your overall project is just on the smaller side, it can be a huge help if you approach your project by making sure that you select the right size machine. This will not only make your life a little bit easier but it will also have a direct effect on the budget you are working with, as hiring a smaller machine can cost less in a number of ways.

When working with smaller machinery, you can generally operate the machine yourself, which will save you money, and you can also use a lot less fuel, which again will save money. Smaller machines are capable of being a lot easier to work with, simply because they are not huge and cumbersome, and they also don’t require much special treatment, meaning you won’t have to give extra attention to making sure that the ground is stable and can easily accommodate the machinery.

Excavators for hire nelspruit

Common Machinery for Small Projects

You are unlikely to need a massive TLB or a dump truck on your small project site, but having a small excavator might just be a great help.

Small plant machinery is not just made up of machines that you can get up on and ride, they also include various tools and appliances that can just make your work that little bit easier.

  1. Generator

Having power on a project site of any kind is a must. Bigger construction sites usually have a much bigger budget, which allows the site to have access to more energy even when it is a little out of the way of conventional electrical resources. For smaller construction sites, hiring a smaller generator is a cost effective and highly efficient option.

  1. Drills

Drilling is a must for most small projects, as they make it easier to make holes for screws and dowels and anything else that needs to be used to put a project together. With a drill in hand, you won’t need to exert extra energy.

  1. Small Excavators

Capable of fitting just one person and designed to dig small trenches and move small amounts of dirt, the small excavator can come in really helpful when you have quite a lot to do or if you need to lay a small foundation.

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