If you are a construction company owner, someone working in the industry, or just someone looking for reliable construction equipment, the term plant hire is without a doubt something you are familiar with.

Plant hire is an all-encompassing service that includes all kinds of equipment used on construction sites to move earth and debris, to flatten land for the building of foundations, and to do all sorts of other necessary construction related things. The “plant” in plant hire refers to the actual equipment while “hire” is the way in which you can access such equipment.

Fast Pulse Plant Hire is one of the Lowveld’s leading construction equipment hire companies and we have helped numerous clients throughout the years. With our diverse range of plant hire equipment, all of which is well-maintained and reliable, we have become the one place where you can hire all types of machinery to successfully complete construction projects of all kinds. Our plant hires are competitive, easy to access, and along with hiring such equipment we also provide our clients with good advice.