Water trucks or carts play an important role on any construction or mining site.  In essence, these trucks specialise in carrying water a work site.  Often they have a spray nozzle for spraying the site as an aid in dust control.  They are also used to bring water to hydrate mines.

Why you need a water truck on your site?

Dust control on a construction site is vital for everyone safety.  Excessive dust at a construction site can pose health problems for all the workers as it pollutes the air.  The use of a water truck with a spray nozzle can greatly improve the work site by reducing the dust.

Having a water truck on your site means you can minimise the impact of dust by preventing and clearing it, as dust is airborne particles and these particles can be easily eradicated with water.

When constructing a road, a water truck is also essential.  While the road is unsealed water trucks are used to spray the road area, as it aids in the compaction of the soil.  Generally, a water cart is used with a grader and/or roller compactor so that your road surface gets a level smooth surface.

Often construction sites are in remote areas and water is not on tap.  In this case, a water truck is essential to bring water to the site for the workers to use to wash and also for drinking water.

A wonderful solution when landscaping is to bring a water truck as it is capable of irrigating a large area quickly and easily.

water truck

As with all construction equipment it is best to hire a professional to handle the spraying or use of your water truck.  Water sprayed incorrectly can cause more damage than good.  Trained water truck operators will ensure that first and foremost all your water gets to the site and once on site there will be no overflow of water that will swamp some areas, causing mud and basically swamp land.

Part of emergency protocols on the construction site will require water in the case of a fire.  Here once again a water truck manned by a trained professional is the answer.

Before embarking on your construction project there are four key things to consider before hiring a water truck. 

  • First of all you have of think of the scale of your project and then hire a water truck large enough to supply you with sufficient water throughout your project.
  • Secondly, you will need to acquire a water truck in accordance to the location of your construction site. It is no good hiring an on-road truck if your work site is in a very rural undeveloped area.  An off-road truck will be needed to reach such a site.
  • Thirdly, you will need to calculate the amount of water that you will be needing to sustain your project. Once established you can hire a water truck in accordance to you water needs.
  • Lastly you need to pay attention to the access requirements at your work site.